By Martin Love

A random litany of potentially better news for Iran seen from 8000 miles

January 8, 2019 - 14:21

NORTH CAROLINA - Iran is allegedly planning joint naval exercises with Russia in the Caspian Sea. The government in Kabul is said to be open to stronger ties and cooperation with Tehran. More countries are allegedly intending to keep open trade channels with Tehran, especially India and Pakistan, even if there’s no clear evidence yet of a European “Special Purposes Vehicle” to bypass U.S. economic sanctions on Iran for trade purposes.

 There is evidence of more bilateral contact between Tehran and its neighbors. Reports exist suggesting that Iran is weathering the harsh sanctions to some positive degree at least. Some of Iraq’s leaders have come out and stated they wanted the U.S. military out of Iraq. The Syrian government definitely wants the U.S. military out of Syria, and currently there is supposed to be a four-month timetable to withdraw American troops from Syria.

 The Kurds allegedly are inviting Syrian soldiers in to areas of eastern Syria, perhaps in the realization that the Assad government will prevail in regaining all Syrian territory, and they fear the Turks more than they do Assad. Russia has allegedly warned the Zionists that further attacks on Syria will not be easily tolerated. There’s almost universal sentiment against the war on Yemen and the humanitarian disaster it has been, even in the U.S. Congress.
 The alleged trial and possible execution of those Saudis involved in Jamal Khashoggi’s gruesome murder may be ahead, with the unfortunate whitewashing of Muhammad bin Salman’s obvious role in the crime. On the other hand, one must wonder that IF the perps are slated for execution, might there be a backlash in Saudi Arabia with the perps pointing the finger at MBS, saying they were only following orders from him?

 (At any rate, the Saudis are none too popular, even in the U.S., where most people understand now that Saudi “liberalization” schemes are a joke.) Lastly, a U.S. Grand Jury will be created for the first time to look into 9/11 and try to uncover the truth of what really happened and who was behind the attack. The official narrative is full of holes.

Furthermore, the very first bill circulating in the U.S. Senate this year aims to make criticism of Israel and support for the BDS movement a crime. This bill is so hubristic and preposterous, and so unconstitutional that it’s almost unbelievable. It’s the crowning outrage of the “Israel firsters” in the U.S. government, and it is entirely against the most cherished keystone of “democracy” in the U.S.: free speech.

BUT even if this legislation manages to squeak through the Senate, it probably won’t survive for long with a rejection from the House of Representatives possible, and will thoroughly expose, and especially to “average” Americans, just how deeply corrupted the Congress and Trump Administration has been, and for many years before, kowtowing to Netanyahu and aiding the Zionists with yet more billions of dollars. It could even, in time, put the political careers of bill proponents at risk, especially in a Congress that for the first time has a couple notably progressive females who are Muslim, including a Palestinian American, and they sure are not shy about speaking out. 

There will come a time when those who champion equal rights and simple justice for Palestinians, and who despise “apartheid”, can no longer be branded as “anti-Semites” by Zionists and their supporters and will be accepted as honest heroes of a sort. And Iran, which has opposed the mistreatment of Palestine’s natives for decades will be honored for having done so early on.

Perhaps such notations as these constitute a clutching at straws for positive news in a very unsettled geopolitical climate. Mentioning these items is not intended to be either pro or anti Iran. But every one of these items at the margin at least has the potential to be a part of a very broad matrix that nudges forward the evolution of a safer, more balanced, more peaceful world order.

Meanwhile, it seems the vocabulary used by the U.S. is insane. “War on Terror” goes without necessary mention: it is senseless. But we see Mike Pompeo and other U.S. State Department officials talking about the “threat” from Iran, and how the U.S. has turned some Arab countries to consider Israel an ally against Iran. But no one can explain what the Iran “threat” really is, since Iran has no intention of fighting anyone except in defense.

 Worse, the U.S. increasingly considers China the biggest “threat” of all, claiming it’s a threat to all the world’s people. But this makes no sense since a big chunk of people in the world is in China, and anyway, China’s neighbors aside from perhaps Taiwan are doing a brisk business with China, and don’t consider China a “threat”. What in fact the U.S. oligarchy fears is having to share power with the rest of the world and work for cooperation and conciliation, not conflict.

But there is one important caveat to a peaceful world order, which the U.S has not promoted: No country or bloc of countries or alliances can or should overreact to provocations, which are legion. Overreaction can be deadly and macho behavior is a sign of weakness. A descent from here in to a far deeper geopolitical hellhole, sparked by some retaliatory action -- the proverbial grain of sand that destabilizes a mountain of sand and causes it to come crashing down in an avalanche of unintended consequences -- is entirely possible.

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