Iran cancels Polish theatrical performances over Warsaw anti-Iran summit 

January 22, 2019 - 18:35

TEHRAN – Iran has called off two performances by a Polish troupe arranged for the 37th Fajr International Theater Festival over Poland’s decision to host the U.S.-led anti-Iran summit in February.

“Despite all efforts we have made to arrange the troupe’s performances at the festival, we decided to cancel them in response to the Polish government’s anti-Iran policy and the anti-Iran summit in Warsaw,” the director of Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center, Shahram Karami, said on Tuesday.

“In messages sent to the group, we told them that we could not host them due to the hostile policy the Polish government adopted against Iran,” he added.

Polish director Pawel Zokotak was scheduled to stage “Bad City” and “Silence” during the Fajr festival, which will take place in Tehran from February 11 to 23.

This is not Iran’s first cultural retaliation against the Warsaw summit. Earlier on January 13, the Cinema Organization of Iran (COI) canceled a Polish film festival, which was to take place in Tehran from January 27 to February 1.

“A guest who is not respectful toward his host could not expect to enjoy his stay with him any longer,” COI director Hossein Entezami said and added, the Polish film festival “is suspended until there is appropriate behavior from Warsaw.”

Photo: Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center director Shahram Karami.


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