University of Tehran to host junior Robocop contest

February 22, 2019 - 22:39

TEHRAN – The University of Tehran will host the 5th junior Robocop competition from March 5 to 7, Mehr reported.

About 1,400 elementary and secondary school students from 137 academic centers of seven provinces will attend the event.

The competition will be performed in three stages: manufacturing the robot and its evaluation in terms of electronics and mechanics functions; programming; and finally technical testing. 

The winners can benefit from ten technical courses held by the College of Engineering at the University of Tehran in order to attend international contests in other parts of the world.

Mechanics, electronics and programming comprehensible for students will be taught during the courses.

At the end of the courses, the participants will learn about AVR microcontrollers as well as different mechanical mechanisms for manufacturing a robot.


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