Jundi Shapur to host intl. congress on history, archaeology

February 25, 2019

TEHRAN - Jundi Shapur University in the southwestern city of Dezful will be playing host to an international conference on the history of archaeology and urbanization in Dezful.

So far representatives from world prestigious universities, including Sorbonne and Bologna have voiced readiness to participate in the event, IRNA reported.

History of science in Jundi Shapur, which its origin dates far back in time, and its impact on the world are among the topics which are to be discussed in the congress, according to organizers. 

Jundi Shapur, also spelled as Gundi Shapur, was one of the world’s birthplaces of knowledge and wisdom, which is a source of national pride and enthusiasm for Iranians.

It was home to a teaching hospital, and also comprised a library and a center of higher learning. It has been identified with extensive ruins south of Shahabad, a village 14 km south-east of Dezful, to the road for Shush, in the present-day province of Khuzestan.

The event will be held on February 26 and 27.


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