500,000 policemen ready to ensure road safety during Noruz

March 6, 2019 - 10:7

TEHRAN – Traffic police teams comprising 500,000 policemen will stand guard to confirm safety by monitoring road regulations during the new year holidays (Noruz, starting March 21), road traffic police chief Mohammad Hossein Hamidi has announced.

In this regard, coordination has been made with the related bodies to fully control the country's roads and highly prevent the probable accidents, he added.

Given this year’s holiday period is longer, trips certainly increases compared to past years, so we decided to constantly monitor the highways, he stated.

Hamidi went on to say that to assure safety of the passengers, some 500,000 traffic police forces will be on duty from March 16 to April 6.

He further called on passengers to take safety measures, inspect vehicles technically and stay conscious during trips.


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