Iranian, Turkish teams to compete at Can-Sat competition

March 9, 2019 - 14:52

TEHRAN – A total of 18 Iranian and 2 Turkish teams will compete at the 7th National and the First International Iranian Can-Sat Competition on March 10, ISNA reported on Friday.

Supported by the vice presidency for science and technology, the event will be held at the airport of the city of Eyvanaki, Semnan province.

Can-Sat is Soda can size satellite and it provides an affordable way to acquire the students with the basic knowledge to many challenges in building a satellite.

The concept of Can-Sat was proposed by professor Robert Twiggs of Stanford

University in 1999. In Can-Sat projects, students will be able to design, build and test a small electronic payload that can fit inside a Soda can.

The Can-Sat is launched and ejected from a rocket or a balloon. By the use of a parachute, the Can-Sat slowly descends back to earth performing its mission while transmitting telemetry. Post-launch and recovery data acquisition will allow the students to analyze the cause of success and/or failure.


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