Iran’s security role in the region unrivaled: senior diplomat

March 25, 2019 - 20:13

TEHRAN - What has happened over the past 40 years after the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran and also in the nearly decade-long Syrian crisis has proven Iran's unrivaled role in regional security and political arena, a special aide to the foreign minister said.

In a recent interview with IRNA released on March 25, Hossein Jaberi Ansari said Iran's role is so important that cannot be replaced by any regional or extra-regional force.

Commenting on interactions between Iran and Syria, Jaberi Ansari said joint cooperation between the two countries was to preserve the Syrian government and prevent Takfiri-terrorist currents from dominating the country.

Noting that Syria has been suffering from unrest and terrorist acts since March 2011, he pointed out that history of Iran-Syria is older than the Syrian crisis.

Ansari also stressed that all foreign forces, Americans and non-Americans, should leave Syria as soon as possible.

The senior diplomat said those forces that went to Syria upon the request of the Syrian government will also return home when the condition becomes normal.

“Syria belongs to the Syrian nation and government,” Jaberi Ansari underlined.


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