By Abdullahi Junaidu

The Rise of Islamic Movement in Nigeria

April 22, 2019 - 12:55

NIGERIA/ KATSINA - Hausa land was an empire in Africa where Islam ruled, it was an Islamic ruling system under the leadership of his eminence late Shehu Usman Bn Fodio, who struggled to reform and revive Islam and the way people live, to the extent Shehu Usman Bn Fodio accomplished his goals to live under the shadow of Islamic ruling system and thought.

Many years after the Jihad of Shehu Usman Bn Fodio people were living in peaceful and communal life until the British imperialists attacked this Hausa land, butchered the prominent Islamic scholars, destroyed many of their buildings and other historical artifacts, made any kind of inhumane and merciless brutal murder which is fault on the ground of humanity.

These western countries colonized the Hausa land and divided it into many portions, and gave them names that they are called with till date. We, they called us Nigeria, some called Niger, some Chad, some Cameroon, e.t.c

After dominating and dividing the Hausa land by colonial powers, they brought what they called Democracy to those dominated countries, after abolishing the traditional theological system. 

They made a system that those countries got an independence physically but the colonial powers are still the rulers via proxy. 

Let me take Nigeria as example since my article will be over it. Physically citizens from Nigeria are the leaders of the country but they are given order from western powers, and they are taking our resources to them, looting our funds, anything these leaders would do will be ordered directly from these countries, any President that refuses to obey their rules will be eliminated from existence.

They often say we are independent country but we are still colonised under the neath.

Poverty started to raised, job opportunities to citizens became less, the country starts going into recession, our funds and resources are taken to the western countries.

Crises between different tribes and religious were initiated and sponsored by them in order not to let us live peacefully so that we will never remember that we were in Islamic ruling system before coming these western countries, we will be suffering on how to survive.

In that situation, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub El-Zakzaky(H)  started calling people to wake up and pushed this ruling system out and return to our main ruling system.

This voice emerged around 1979 when Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) was an economic students at Ahmadu Bello University Zariya, Kaduna state of Nigeria.

The voice known as movement that fight against oppression and injustice.

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) has been arrested many time as the head of the Movement since when he was in University. 

His first arrest was on May 1981 and be free on May 1984 by Shagari administration Secondly was 6 months later after his free from first arrest been re-arrested by Buhari administration on December 1984 when the Sheikh was just married.

The Sheikh gained freedom on August 1985 after Buhari administration was couped by General Babangida, it took the Sheikh 9 months long in the prison at that time.

The Sheikh was re-arrested by the same General Babangida on March 1987 released him on 1989_ 2years longer in the prison.

The Sheikh was re-arrested during the tenure of General Sani Abacha on the year 1996 and be released after the passing away of the General on 1999 when Abdulsalam Abubakar was acting President.

From that time the Sheikh was free till 2015 when General Buhari ordered the killing of the Sheikh, but by God grace Sheikh has survived despite the abundant of bullet that is in his body and his wife's body, his 3 children were killed, his resident was demolished, crime against humanity was perpetrated against him.

He is still in illegal detention despite the court verdict to release him since September 2016, and despite his health condition that is deteriorating.

Sheikh Zakzaky has witnessed several arrest and detention by the Nigerian authorities, right from the time when the Sheikh was a student. The authorities made several attempts to assassinate him, during some of the lectures that he used to present to his students and by putting ambush on his way back to his resident.

These western countries used to eradicate anyone who seems to be threat to their proxy rule, they tried so against Sheikh Zakzaky because he used to expose their plot of initiating crisis among us so that they will be able to loot our fund and resources.

Most of the Islamic scholars are silent about the British plans, some are because of fear, they were afraid to loose their lives, some are corrupted "they are given money to be silent" moreover they are traitors who incite innocent people to attack other people that they share different religious ideology, these scholars are normally the Wahhabi's agent of the savage Saudi regime and western countries.

Different Nigerian governments that happened to be in power come with a special policy to assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky but to the extent they had woefully failed.

In Nigeria after every 4 years {Tenure} there is a period to change a government by election. Democratically people are eligible to vote but in an ideal sense it is a selections by these Western countries, to choose who his power can be drain away from the individuals to feed vast reservoirs (Western Countries) in faroff places. Those who don't minds to shape our future from alienation of personal power.  

Who agree to perpetrate the killing of innocent people and be watering the internal crisis? Who agree to assassinate whoever is seems to be a threat to them, "Sheikh Zakzaky is in the list"? Who agree to manage their position role in line with their conditions?

Even if people vote a President with populace marge, that person won't be declared as a winner if he doesn't agree to manage his role according to their conditions, they will follow all channels to rig the election and declare their intimate as the winner if he agree with their conditions.

Even in a situation where rigging is impossible, they will declare the popular winner as the winner and poison him later, this is the true image of Nigerian political system.

What happened recently in Kano state of Nigeria is an example, people are tired of the current Governor, they vote him out with highest marge, but because the western countries want him to remain in power to in other to  continue the  killing of  followers of Sheikh Zakzaky in the state, they declared the election as inconclusive and fixed a date for a re-run the election in some voting Units, on the day of re-running the election they dropped thugs to attack whoever came to vote for the opposition party, they killed many people on that day and injured some, at the end of the day they declared the current Governor as the winner with highest marge that is out of sense, they showed insanity when presenting the result, they rigged the election by all means, just because western countries want him to remain in power, this happened recently during the previous election.

So, Sheikh Zakzaky used to exposed such kinds of heinous crimes and atrocities.

Sheikh Zakzaky taught his followers how  to  saves lives not to kill, during the election crises in 2011, Sheikh saved many Christians that were attacked by opposition party's members that were declared as the losers of the election, the losers used to attacked the winners, destroying their shops and looting their properties, demolishing their churches and beheading them, but Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers were saving these victims, giving them medical treatment and feed, this happened in 2011.

During the service strike of some medical staff at hospitals and clinics, Sheikh's followers used to attend the hospitals and clinics to give possible aid and treatments.

Islamic movement under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky have a programme that various Scholars from different school of thoughts, ideologies, tribes, and other religions were invited. Urging them to unite and don't allow someone to initiate crises in our name, to leave under the same shadow despite the personal differences, urging them to cooperate and go against any injustices and oppression.

Sheikh Zakzaky succeeded in this process of unity, many rationale people understand him and his initiative, millions of people became his followers, most people wake up and start realising that the so-called leaders are deceivers and traitors, they are only serving the western countries.

Western countries are scared of this great awakening of some Nigerians and the development of Sheikh Zakzaky's Movement.

They used all their power to eliminate Sheikh Zakzaky and his Movement from existence. The more Government attacks him the more his ideology and the movement develop rapidly

It's the time that other people start realising who is the oppressor and who is being oppressed, It is the time that people start to support Sheikh and his followers. It is the time that people start to prove and make rational investigation about the movement and it's ideology, It is the time that people are paying much of their sympathy to him.

As the Sheikh said. "The more you touch us the more stronger we become"

On 12-12-2015 the convoy of Chief of Army staff arrived at Hussainiyyah, center of Islamic Movement and Gyallesu the resident of Sheikh Zakzaky, bombarded them, killed over 1000+ of the Sheikh's followers including his 3 biological children.
The soldiers;
Murdered 548 Men
Murdered 287 Women
Murdered 197 Children
Murdered 23 pregnant women
39 family members wiped out from existence
2,189 children became orphans
519 women became widows
1,104 parent lost their children
170 undergraduate students were murdered.
This heinous crime against humanity was perpetrated within 72 hours.

They used bombs, RPG, missiles that are not allowed even on external war between two different countries, but they used all such of weapons on Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers.

They shot the wife of Sheikh Zakzaky on many places on her body, there are bullets in her that are not yet removed till date.

They shot Sheikh Zakzaky on many places including his right side eye and now the left one is at risk.

They demolished the resident of Sheikh and detained him without trial.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were kept incommunicado despite the bullets in their body.

Sheikh Zakzaky's followers are following all peaceful and legal channel to see their leader been Free, they also sued the Government into court, and be on the streets for demonstration demanding the release of the Sheikh since he did not commit any crime, still soldiers used to open fire on them during their demonstration, these bloodthirsty leaders that are puppet of Saudi barbarian used all opportunity to harm Sheikh and his followers.

They used some corrupted Islamic scholars to make campaign of calumny and demonizing against the Sheikh and his movement.

On September 2016 Nigerian government was woefully failed in  the trial between Sheikh Zakzaky and Federal Government, the court  made a verdict that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife must be release and be given 25million each, also resident should provided to them by the federal Government since their main resident was demolished. 

But unfortunately the Government refuse to obey court order and release the Sheikh because it is in the interest of western countries.

More over Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife need urgent medical treatment since 2015 but till date 2019 there is no any professional doctor that attend them.

Any peaceful and legal means are followed by the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky but the Government refused to release him. The world needs to know this.

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