Persian translation of “Running Through Beijing” unveiled at Tehran book fair

April 27, 2019 - 19:1

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of Chinese writer Xu Zechen’s novel “Running Through Beijing” was unveiled during the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair last Thursday. 

The book was originally published by the Wuzhou Communication Publishing House in China in 2008 and Negah Publications is the publisher of the Persian version.

Wuzhou deputy director Jing Xiaomin, Negah director Alireza Reisdanai and translators Elham Sadat Mirzania and Rezvan Zeinali also attended a ceremony held to unveil the book.

The book is about 25-year-old Dunhuang, who is just released from prison for peddling fake IDs and finds himself having to start over from scratch in Beijing. 

He meets a woman who sells pirated DVDs, giving him a new way to earn a living. Now he needs to work to get back on his feet in order to save enough money to rescue his friend from prison.

Speaking at the ceremony, Xu expressed his hope that the book will be warmly received by Iranian readers.

“Despite the different places where we live, we all have things to think about in common and we are all facing the same problems. I tried to be realistic about the main character’s experiences as we all are affected by the world’s economic problems,” he added. 

As a special guest, China is participating in the book fair with the motto of “Getting to Know China”. 

A delegation composed of about 200 Chinese cultural figures and officials as well as over 100 publishers, writers, translators and illustrators are taking part in the book fair, which will run until May 4.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian version of “Running Through Beijing” by Chinese writer Xu Zechen.


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