Director Jamal Shurjeh hospitalized with brain disease

May 3, 2019 - 19:37

TEHRAN – Jamal Shurjeh, director of the co-production between Iran and Algeria “Ahmed Bey”, has been admitted to a hospital in Tehran following a report he suffered a brain disease.

He has been hospitalized after suffering what is described as a “brain disease” by producer Ahmad Miralai who is working with Shurjeh on a TV series, Prophet Moses (AS).    

“He is now out of danger and making a recovery,” he told the Persian service of ISNA last week.

He said that work on the TV series project will not stop. “Mr. Shurjeh is currently in good condition, and we enjoyed his consultations to assemble the cast for the project.”

Earlier in 2016, the project came to a halt following the death of its first director, Farajollah Salahshur, after a long battle with lung cancer.

Shurjeh filled in for Salahshur to complete a TV series in 2018 while he also directed his latest movie “Ahmed Bey”, a co-production between Iran and Algeria about the last Ottoman Bey who ruled Algiers during the 19th century, which has not been released yet.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Managing Director Abdol Ali Ali-Asgari, Cinema Organization of Iran director Hossein Entezami and several officials have visited Shurjeh at the hospital over the past week. 

Photo: Director Jamal Shurjeh in an undated photo.


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