By Setareh Behroozi

From newborn baby to Mexican corn, weird items left in e-hailing cars

May 9, 2019 - 1:1

People leave behind items in taxis many times. May be you have the experience to leave your phone, purse or shopping bag in a taxi.

In recent years, people in different cities of Iran use e-hailing cars for their daily commuting and as a part of transportation system people live with, they also turned into a place where people leave their items behind.

Recently, a renowned e-hailing service in Iran released an interesting report about the most common and weirdest items passengers leave in cars.

 The most forgetful days of the year

Some 86044 reports of leaving items received during the second half of the Iranian calendar year 1397 (March 20, 2018-March 20, 2019). The highest number of items left was reported on March 13, 2019, namely the last Wednesday of the year.

In general, the riders leave their items mostly on Wednesdays, before weekend holidays in Iran.

In holidays and Fridays (Iranian weekend), the number of forgotten items decreased. The date September 28, 2018, which falls on Friday, the least number of lost items was reported.

The most common items left

Cellphone is the most common thing that the riders leave behind in the cars. However bags, keys, documents, mobile chargers and glasses are also seen in the most common items left.

The newborn baby left in the car

Approximately the center received 470 reports about leaving items each day. The weirdest one belongs to an e-hailing driver who announced that the passenger left his or her newborn baby in the car.

Leaving rabbit or Mexican corn were another strangest items reported to the center.

The most valuable items returned

A four-billion-rial (about 95,000 dollars) cheque, a purse containing 20 thousand dollars in cash, and jewelry pieces are amongst the expensive items left in the cars which were returned to their owners.

Tehrani citizens, the most absent-minded passengers

According to the report, Tehrani citizens are on the top list amongst 120 cities of Iran as the most forgetful riders.

Mashhad, Isfahan, Qom, Karaj, Yazd and Qazvin and Ahvaz are in the next places respectively.

The bottom line

With an overall look, you can find traces on busy minds and busy lives in forgetfulness. People leaving in bigger cities, the days at the end of the week are on the top list of forgetting items in the cars. Technology is a great opportunity for us, which makes our life easier and with less concerns in many cases. However, the free mind is something which is achieved by our choices and general lifestyle, a thing that is important in all times and all places. Do not forget.


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