Over 60% of taxis in Tehran equipped with e-payment system

May 5, 2019 - 11:50

TEHRAN – Over 60 percent of taxis in Tehran are equipped with e-payment system, Tehran Taxi Organization CEO Alireza Qannadan announced, ISNA reported on Saturday.

There are some 80,000 taxis moving in Tehran, turning Tehran taxi fleet as one of the biggest taxi fleets in the Middle East, he said.

Startups that are working in the field of e-payment in Tehran updated the annual increase in taxi fares automatically, he said.

Since past year, payment applications have been making their way to taxis in Tehran, as a step toward the goal of cashless society.

The high speed of technology is taking over taxis and telephone taxis in Iran. In this way, the riders are saved from the headache of not having enough cash, and drivers don’t have to worry about having enough change or fret about carrying a large amount of cash.

The Ride hailing startups, which began their activity in Iran in 2014, were soon accepted as an alternative for traditional taxi services in Iran just like other countries.

However, as for most new emerging events, they face several social and economic challenges in the society. Traditional taxi services struggle for retaining their share of customers, which seems very hard with emergence of new rivals.

The e-hailing services solve the problem of haggling for the price between drivers and passengers, which was very common in Iran.

The low price, accessibility and time-saving system, which is beneficial both for driver and passengers are factors, which makes ride hailing applications successful in Iran. 

You can find the nearest car by a touch of finger on your mobile screen and this is a great option both for passengers and riders.


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