Tehran Municipality to convert petrol taxis into hybrid electric

May 15, 2019 - 20:9

TEHRAN — Tehran taxi organization, affiliated to the municipality, is planning on converting petrol taxis to plug-in hybrids, the organization CEO, Alireza Qannadan, has said.

According to the plan some 80,000 fossil-fuel based taxis will be transformed into hybrid electrics, in an attempt to cut emissions, hence air pollution in the capital, Tasnim news agency quoted Qannadan as saying on Wednesday.

In collaboration with MAPNA Group all petrol taxis in Tehran will become hybrid, he said, adding that under a pilot plan some 80,000 taxis will be converted in the first phase and after overcoming setback all taxis will undergo the necessary changes.

MAPNA Group is a conglomerate of Iranian companies involved in development and execution of thermal and renewable power, oil and gas, railway transportation and other industrial projects as well as manufacturing main equipment.

Qannadan didn’t provide any specific details time span or the necessary budget for implementing the plan.

Not everyone can afford a new hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric car, but it is possible to take the conversion route.

Tehran is grappling with air pollution and increasing carbon emission and developing an electric vehicle technology that converts in-use fossil-fuel based vehicles into hybrid electrics, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.


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