Cosmetic surgery in Iran, the new beauty capital worldwide

May 15, 2019 - 23:32

According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health, more than 500 thousands of foreign patients had entered Iran during the last year and had benefited from health, therapeutic, and cosmetic services in different cities of Iran.

During the last decade, medical tourism has become extremely popular. Various destinations in the world attract patients and medical tourists and each destination are famous for one or various kinds of therapeutic or cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic surgery in Iran and especially rhinoplasty is so famous that has made Iran to be entitled to the rhinoplasty capital worldwide. But why Iran is an important destination of medical tourism?

According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health, more than 500 thousands of foreign patients had entered Iran during the last year and had benefited from health, therapeutic, and cosmetic services in different cities of Iran. According to the statistics provided by the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, this city had hosted some patients from more than 30 different countries during the last year. Apart from gaining the trust of patients for performing therapeutic and cosmetic surgery in Iran by therapeutic centers and subspecialty and advanced hospitals, the significant difference between the cost of therapeutic or cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty in Iran and European countries and the United States extremely encourages them for traveling to Iran.

Also, the activity of medical tourism agencies in Iran which have several years of experience of providing medical tourism services for the patients has made traveling to this country easy as a pie!

The medical tourism passengers would travel here for performing various kinds of therapeutic and cosmetic surgery in Iran. The most popular surgery is rhinoplasty; after that, plastic surgery in Iran and hair transplant can be mentioned. According to the leading achievements of Royan Research Institute, Iran is one of the most successful countries in the field of fertility treatment and a lot of passengers travel to Iran to perform the surgeries related to the fertility treatment. Beauty surgeries, weight-loss, cardiac surgeries, and orthopedy are also among the other leading and popular surgeries performed in Iran.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

There are more than 150 thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries performed in Iran annually. This number of cosmetic surgery in Iran shows not only the Iranian people’ interest in rhinoplasty but also the high number of foreign clients.

The interest of Iranian women in rhinoplasty is the factor of this expertise prevalence between Iranian doctors; as a result, the Iranian medical society has incorporated a high number of experienced rhinoplasty specialists inside. The most advanced rhinoplasty methods, subspecialty clinics, and the post-operative cares had made performing rhinoplasty Iran so easy. The agencies providing the medical tourism services on the other hand plan a perfect journey of rhinoplasty for you in seven days. This journey plan includes treatment visa, hotel - proportionate with your request and taste - airport transfer and the transferences inside the city, doctor visits, the surgery, and post-operative cares and revisions.

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of this kind of surgery is the significant cost difference with other countries. The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran in comparison with the USA is 60 percent lower and in comparison with European and Arab countries has a cost difference of at least 30 percent. Having low costs along with advanced facilities and services and the high-level ability of Iranian specialists, of course, has made Iran the best destination for performing this cosmetic surgery.

Hair transplant in Iran

Hair transplant in Iran had significant progress during the last years. All modern hair transplant methods are performed in Iran. FIT, FUT, and SUT are the most popular methods of performing this cosmetic surgery in Iran.

The whole hair transplant surgeries are performed in subspecialty clinics with VIP rooms and the newest technologies of this field. Apart from the method of hair transplant, you can choose the final style of your hair and the manner of hair extension line. The whole suggested patterns by your doctor are also designed to fit the special shape of your head and the result will be completely natural.

Hair transplant in Iran is not limited only to the hair and bread and mustache transplant in Iran are also among your options.

Plastic surgery in Iran

Plastic surgery in Iran has a long history. The reputation of experienced Iranian specialists has so widely spread in western countries that have also brought Hollywood celebrities and actors around to Iran.

The low costs might be the most important reason for the charm of performing plastic surgery in Iran but there is also another important reason. Advanced cosmetic surgery clinics in Iran offer services and various kinds of plastic surgeries together which is a good opportunity for the people who want to perform several surgeries in a limited period of time.

Rhinoplasty, otolaryngology, breast augmentation surgery, forehead, eyebrow, eyelid, and eye lifting, organ lifting, liposuction, gastric bypass surgery, non-surgical treatments like gel injection, botox and filler, damages and scars restoration, congenital anomaly, … are the plastic surgeries which are performed in Iran with the most modern methods and by the hands of specialists of each field.

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