By Martin Love

Whether more U.S. sparked chaos or real accord is the question that haunts the world

May 18, 2019 - 13:1

NORTH CAROLINA - Iran’s leaders, Iran’s many friends and the people of Iran well know what is afoot right now with the Trump Administration, with John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, and with at least some members of the U.S. Congress and with other Neocons in D.C. “think tanks” and their various institutions.

Iran also knows the Israeli role in drumming up potential war in the Mideast, just as the Zionists did in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is quite obvious that Trump and colleagues are searching for a pretext to attack Iran, saying that virtually anything Iran does or might do to defend itself or to ward off an attack may constitute a pretext for war.

Mike Pompeo on May 13 landed in Brussels to discuss Iran with EU leaders, skipping a day when he earlier intended to visit Russia and Putin and Lavrov. Pompeo did not talk to the media. European leaders urged “restraint” on the U.S. But as imminent journalist Pepe Escobar reported, it is “naïve” to think the Europeans “will grow a backbone” and definitely condemn Pompeo and Trump.

 At the same time some prominent European military brass countered the U.S. and said there had been no particular “threat” from Iranian-backed forces in Syria and Iraq, but they were rebuked by the U.S. It may be a futile hope that wiser people in the Pentagon and military will decline to take orders from Pompeo now and from National Security Advisor John Bolton. But what about Russia and China in particular?

Neocon Paul Wolfowitz, one of the primary pushers of the war on Iraq, said back in 2003 that the Russians would not stop the U.S. He was correct then, but now? It was Putin who stood up before the U.N in New York several years ago and posed the rhetorical question to the General Assembly in reference to the U.S.: “Do you realize what (the U.S.) has done?” in Iraq, Libya and so many other places in the Middle East.

One must wonder that Putin has to be further appalled by what the U.S. has been doing since, in particular supporting the Saudis in their genocidal war on Yemen, in the support of terrorists in the war on Syria, and with the U.S. abrogation of the JCPOA a year ago and draconian sanctions on Iran and sanctions on other countries around the world. But does Putin have enough of a backbone to come to Iran’s defense should it be attacked militarily?

 Does China and do other countries? This must be a major question should the U.S. err so grievously again. Some bright observers like Britain’s former MP George Galloway have said that an attack on Iran by the U.S. could prove to be the greatest mistake in all of history. And he’s not wrong when one considers that World War 3 could result from U.S. missteps. China and Russia have both said at least they will not permit Iran to be destroyed.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to sanity in any final analysis is that, as many know, neither Trump, Pompeo nor Bolton are rational humans, each irrational in their different ways, and neither is the Israeli government nor “Bibi” Netanyahu. All are dangers to humanity, with perhaps the worst being Pompeo who has given indications that he believes in the so-called “Rapture” promoted by like-minded Christian evangelicals, who constitute Trump’s primary political base in the U.S. Pompeo (and Bolton) marks the ultimate degenerative evolution of creators of U.S foreign policies that began decades ago with the Vietnam War when the U.S. went to war based on the fake, false flag pretext of the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

One potential positive is that Trump campaigned for the Presidency with talk of reducing if not eliminating U.S. military engagements overseas, although he has done and threatened anything but this, particularly over the past year when he seems to have been captured fully by the Zionists. And Trump has also later said he wants to talk with Iran’s leaders, but at the same time, he absurdly expects Iran to pick up the phone and call him. Such a move by Iran might well have been possible if Trump had not canned the JCPOA and backed himself into a corner.

 And apparently from Iran’s point of view – a justifiable one – it behooves the U.S. to resurrect its participation in the nuclear accord and reduce economic sanctions as first steps before negotiations towards any modification of the deal and other potentially positive de-escalation moves. Iran seems to be open to this, contingent on the JCPOA re-endorsement.

The most worrying factor is the possibility that Trump and others in the U.S. government have never had any intention towards anything but full-spectrum dominance worldwide and the submission of other countries, not caring at all about the chaos it has unleashed in the past and would further unleash in the future, particularly in West Asia. This chaos may well be what, at the bottom, the Israelis most fervently desire without saying so as a means to maintain its cruel, expansionary apartheid state, and what the U.S. won’t admit it also most desires in the erroneous presumption such chaos will in the long run do anything but destroy the U.S.

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