Dez coastal resort in southwestern Iran

May 20, 2019 - 22:51

TEHRAN - Dez coastal resort, also called Ali Kalleh, is a popular coastal park in Khuzestan, southwestern Iran.

The seafront attracts large numbers of visitors from neighboring cities and provinces per year, especially during spring and summer, Tasnim reported.

A series of alcoves have been made along the beach for the comfort and convenience of passengers on their journey.

There is also a park and greenery area, along with playground and entertainment facilities, which makes it a place for people to entertain in other seasons. Another attraction of this place, especially for children, is the existence of several types of slides on the riverside.

The resort is situated northward of Dezful, adjacent to the Dez Dam, which is built over a river of the same name originating from the Zagros mountain range.


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