Advisor: IRGC may sink U.S. ships using 'two top secret weapons'

May 25, 2019 - 19:48

TEHRAN – A senior adviser to the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has said that Iran has two new “top secret weapons” and may use them to sink U.S. warships “with everything and everyone on board.”

“In case of the smallest foolish act by the enemy in the Persian Gulf waters, the enemies will find out what we will do to them,” Morteza Qorbani said in an interview with the Mizan news agency published on Saturday.

The advisor said “the Americans should not play these games [with us]” and bring two ships to the region.

Washington has deployed USS Abraham Lincoln carrier task force and bombers in the Persian Gulf region and on May 24 announced the deployment of another 1,500 troops.


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