Online businesses can connect to electronic authentication system

June 2, 2019 - 12:2

Online business owners can apply for connecting to the national electronic authentication system, Shahkar, in order to prevent from fraud and impersonation in marketing, Mehr news reported on Thursday.

Online business, fintechs, and financial applications can have access to Shahkar system, the head of the Information Technology Organization of Iran, Amir Nazemi, said.

Other startups and applications can apply for their access to be examined by the organization, he added.

Shahkar system does not aim to authenticate the users for every activities in the cyberspace services, he said.

“All applications do not need to connect Shahkar system and in this way, we respect privacy of users.”

Shahkar system is considered as an intermediate between telecommunication operators and authentication authorities.

The operators can obtain authentication of the users before providing services for them through this system and find out about the nationality of their users and in case it is verified they are authorized to provide services for them.

The users of telecom operators can get information about the phone numbers registered in their names through the Shahkar system, which is available on mobile government app.

Shahkar system also adapts the identifiers of the registered user and service by which, no one other than the owner of phone number cannot be registered in e-mobile software, mobile banks, online stores and other soft wares which, related to private information of users.


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