By Hanif Ghaffari

The meaning behind Trump’s March polling

June 17, 2019 - 11:12

Polls taken by independent organizations inside the United States indicate that popularity of Donald Trump has substantially declined over the last few months. Even though Trump himself denies these statistics, the polls taken inside his presidential campaign indicate that presidential approval ratings of Donald Trump has significantly dropped. 

The poll clearly reveals that in U.S. 2020 presidential elections, Trump will almost certainly lose against democratic front-runner, Joe Biden. 

The internal poll was conducted by Donald Trump’s own reelection campaign and the results were published in ABC news. 

The internal polling showed that Trump was far behind Joe Biden in key battleground states. 

The data revealed Biden had a double-digit 55 percent to 39 percent lead in Pennsylvania, a 51-41 percent lead in Wisconsin and a 7 point lead in Florida. Trump was shown to be ahead by only 2 points in Texas, which has a strong Republican base.

This news is especially groundbreaking because Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida were the three key states where Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 elections. 

The poll was conducted between March 15 and March 28, but the results were published recently. 

After the publication of these results, the top members of Trump presidential campaign claimed that the polls have been improved in favor of Trump since March. 

However, the new poll taken by Quinnipiac University and other American organizations shows that he has lost even more state votes. 

For example, the internal poll of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign showed that Trump was ahead of Biden by 2 points, but the more recent poll taken by Quinnipiac University revealed that he is now 4 points behind Biden. 

In this poll, Biden secured 48 and Trump 44 percent of the whole votes. 

The most important thing here is that in all these polls, American citizens were almost satisfied with their country’s economic situation over Trump’s presidency, but they were highly unhappy with his foreign policy. 

In this situation, Trump has no way other than changing his current foreign policy that has turned into a losing game because of people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo in his cabinet. 

Trump is fully aware that if he doesn’t change his foreign policies, this would become his Achilles' heel in 2020 presidential elections. 

Now, it seems very easy to figure out what Trump’s policy will be toward Iran. He is trying to get out of the trouble he created for himself in the first place by abandoning U.S. nuclear deal with Iran and threatening Iran with putting sanctions on the country.

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