Iran and Oman Improve Collaborations over WHO Healthy Cities Initiative  

June 22, 2019

A high delegation from the Sultanate of Oman has visited Iran to have a closer look at the community-based initiatives and achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran on social approach for health and implementation of inter-sectoral collaboration for operationalizing Health in All Policies. 

The mission was organized over two objectives first, sharing experience of expert teams from Oman and Iran on community engagement and multi-sectoral mechanisms and second, defining potential area for further collaboration on health-related issues including expanding Healthy City Programme in the Region.

Dr. Christoph Hamelmann, the WHO Representative in the Islamic Republic of Iran in a message to the Omani delegation by underscoring the importance of collaboration between Iran and Oman on WHO’s Healthy Cities platform said: “this mission is a very strong signal and good example for cross-country collaboration and friendship in our region”.

“Strong vision, commitment and leadership that I know from the Omani delegation is essential for working with Iranian peers. I am sure learning and getting inspired from each other within a network such as the Healthy Cities will create synergies and makes our joint efforts more impactful” he added. 

The four-day mission that took place from 16th to 19th of June 2019 composed on five Mayors, Director General of Health Services, Governorate Dhofar, and four experts from the Ministry of Health of the Sultanate of Oman.

During the visit to Iran, the Omani delegation met Iranian partners including the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Ministry of Education, Municipality of Tehran and the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Iranian counterparts briefed the delegation members about their ongoing programs and Omani delegation had also found a chance to present their ongoing activities on health related issues with their Iranian counterparts. 

Dr Pirouz Hanachi, Mayor of Tehran also received the delegation members in his office in Municipality of Tehran to exchange view and possible ways of collaboration with Oman.  

At the end of the mission both sides agreed to expand exchange visits for experts of Iran and Oman; improve knowledge sharing mechanisms and experiences on healthy city program towards developing a regional model and also collaborate on education and knowledge transfer mechanisms for promoting community participation and inter-sectoral corporations.

(Source: WHO)

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