• چاووش اواغلو و 2022-08-11 21:08

    Amir Abdollahian briefs Turkish FM on Vienna talks

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Wednesday briefed his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu on the Vienna talks intended to lift sanctions on Iran.

  • Tangsiri 2022-07-23 21:30

    Oman navy chief hails Iran’s indigenous defense technology

    TEHRAN — The Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman (CRNO) Rear Admiral Saif Bin Nasser Bin Mohsin Al Rahbi has praised Iran’s technological progress in defense industry, especially in maritime field.

  • Meeting 2022-07-20 21:15

    Oman navy chief meets Iran top general

    TEHRAN - Rear Admiral Saif bin Nasser Bin Mohsin Al Rahbi, commander of Oman’s navy, met in Tehran with Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Major General Mohammad Bagheri.

  • Ashtiani-Oman 2022-07-19 23:12

    Iran’s defense chief: Israel presence in region brings nothing but instability

    TEHRAN — The Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said on Tuesday that the Westerners are looking to sell military products to the countries of the region by capitalizing on the Iran-phobia project and the pretext of creating security.

  • Qeshm Air to launch Muscat-Noshahr flights 2022-07-19 21:00

    Qeshm Air to launch Muscat-Noshahr flights

    TEHRAN - Iran’s Qeshm Air on Tuesday announced it is about to launch flights connecting Muscat to Noshahr based on the hub and spoke model.

  • Oman's FM visited Tehran on July 6 2022-07-10 20:57

    Ahead of Biden regional tour, Iran nuclear deal looms large: al-Monitor 

    TEHRAN - U.S. President Joe Biden’s trip to West Asia next week will set the context for what will likely be the final round, or rounds, of indirect talks with Iran to agree on restarting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). 

  • Map 2022-07-06 21:24

    Iran, Egypt agree to develop ties: report

    TEHRAN – Iran and Egypt have held a high-level meeting in recent days and have agreed to boost their relations, according to a Qatari-owned newspaper. 

  • Amir-Abdollahian.Omanin counterart 2022-07-05 21:39

    Iran FM: Fertility of sanction-removal talks hinges on U.S. flexibility

    TEHRAN- Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian stressed on Monday that talks for lifting sanctions would prove fruitful if the U.S. were to display commitment and adaptability.

  • Iran-Egypt 2022-06-28 22:07

    Cairo assures Tehran it won’t join any alliance against Iran: report

    TEHRAN — Informed Egyptian sources have reported the existence of a powerful movement within the Egyptian security entities as well as the army which strongly oppose Egypt's participation in any military coalition against Iran, Al-Araby-Al-Jadeed reported on Tuesday.

  • Phone call 2022-06-24 21:05

    Iran, Oman foreign ministers hold phone talks

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and his Omani counterpart Hamad Al Busaidi held phone talks on Thursday afternoon over bilateral, regional and international issues, according to the Iranian foreign ministry. 

  • Amir-Abdollahian/Omani counterpart 2022-06-18 21:59

    Tehran insists on commitment to encouraging regional dialogue

    TEHRAN- Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Iran's foreign minister, has reiterated that the Islamic Republic is committed to fostering good relations and communication among neighbors for the benefit of the whole region.

  • Amir Abdollahian 2022-05-25 21:58

    FM: Iran-Oman relations are of loyal one

    TEHRAN — In an article published on Monday in Fars news agency, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian characterized Iran-Oman relations as a “beyond-fraternal” relations, labeling as “loyal ties.”

  • Raisi-Oman 2022-05-25 21:57

    ‘Iran-Oman chamber of commerce to be established soon’

    President: Rights of Iranians abroad must be protected

    TEHRAN — Speaking at a meeting with a number of Iranians living in Oman Monday evening, President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said Iran believes that just as it must protect the rights of Iranians inside the country, it also must protect the rights of Iranians abroad.

  • Oman's PM meets Raisi in Muscat 2022-05-24 21:33

    Raisi calls Oman a “sincere and reliable friend”

    TEHRAN – President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran has described the Sultanate of Oman as a “sincere and reliable friend” and said the will of the two countries for developing and emerging ties is highly important.

  • President Raisi visiting Oman 2022-05-23 21:49

    Raisi holds talks with Oman’s Sultan in Muscat 

    TEHRAN – Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi visited Muscat on Monday morning in a state trip expected to give a boost to the already developing Iran-Oman relations. 

  • Iran Oman 2022-05-22 17:18

    Raisi visit embodies good neighborliness between Tehran, Muscat: Oman

    TEHRAN - The Diwan of the Royal Court of Oman issued a statement on Saturday in which it considered the visit of Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi this week to the Sultanate an embodiment of good neighborliness and the good relations between the Sultanate of Oman and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Najafi 2022-05-21 20:36

    Iran voices support for Oman ‘constructive role’

    TEHRAN – Ali Najafi, Tehran’s ambassador to Oman, has said that Iran supports “the constructive role” played by Oman in regional developments. 

  • Meeting 2022-05-21 20:35

    Iran president to visit Oman

    TEHRAN – It’s now official. Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi will pay an official visit to Oman on Monday as part of his administration’s push to boost ties with neighboring countries.   

  • President Raisi 2022-05-21 12:04

    Raisi to visit Oman on Monday

    TEHRAN— Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi is scheduled to visit Muscat on Monday, the president’s office announced on Saturday.

  • Mohammad Hosseini 2022-05-17 21:34

    VP calls Raisi’s upcoming visit to Oman strategically important

    TEHRAN — Iran’s vice president for parliamentary affairs says the planned visit by President Ebrahim Raisi to Oman is “strategically important”, saying it is in line with Iran’s “good neighborliness” policy.

  • President Raisi 2022-05-10 18:50

    Iran president to visit Oman, UAE: report

    TEHRAN – A Qatari-owned newspaper has reported that Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi is planning to visit Oman soon and the United Arab Emirates at a proper time.

  • Dollars 2022-04-11 21:09

    $7b to be transferred to Iran: report

    TEHRAN — A senior regional official will travel to Tehran on Tuesday with the goal of finalizing a mechanism to release $7 billion of the Iranian frozen assets, Tasnim reported.

  • Iran 2022-04-11 20:18

    Iran braces for renewed regional diplomacy

    TEHRAN – A total of three Arab ministers are expected to pay visits to Tehran on Tuesday or in the ensuing days at a time when Iran is adopting an open-arms approach toward the West Asia region. 

  • Amir-Abdollahian 2022-04-04 21:34

    U.S. is to blame for halt to Vienna talks: Iran FM

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has blamed the United States for the protracted Vienna talks, saying Tehran is ready for a good and durable nuclear agreement.

  • Iran hockey 2022-03-21 17:03

    Bangladesh win 2022 Men's AHF Cup, Iran come sixth

    TEHRAN – Bangladesh clinched the title of the 2022 Men's AHF Cup, while Iran finished in sixth place.

  • FM 2022-03-15 17:44

    Iran FM holds phone talks with foreign counterparts

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian held phone conversations with a number of foreign diplomats to discuss a variety of issues. 

  • Iran hockey 2022-03-12 14:59

    Iran fall short against Oman at 2022 Men's AHF Cup

    TEHRAN – Iran national hockey team lost to Oman 10-2 in the 2022 Men's AHF Cup on Saturday.

  • Raisi-Oman 2022-02-23 22:11

    Raisi calls Oman’s attention to regional issues significant

    TEHRAN — In a meeting with Oman’s Foreign Minister Badr bin Hamad Albusaidi on Wednesday, President Ebrahim Raisi thanked the Sultan of Oman for inviting him to make an official visit to the country.

  • Amir Abdollahian 2022-02-23 21:40

    FM: We won’t cross our red lines in Vienna

    TEHRAN — During a joint press conference with the Foreign Minister of Oman on Wednesday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said that Iran “will not cross its red lines” under no circumstances.

  • fatemi amin 2022-01-31 14:27

    Industry minister set to visit UAE, Oman next week

    TEHRAN – Heading a high-ranking trade delegation, Iranian Industry, Mining, and Trade Minister Reza Fatemi-Amin is going to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman next week, the portal of Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) announced.