By Ruhollah Ghasemian

Why the Deal of the Century fails?

July 3, 2019 - 12:29

TEHRAN - These days, apart from the tensions between Iran and United States, another event in south west Asia has attracted the attention of the countries’ officials, nations, and the media from all over the world. 

This new issue is “the Deal of the Century”; a new project that Donald Trump and his son-in-law are supposed to run. Deal of the century was officially put forward in Manama meeting and is following the same goal as “the New Middle East” project. The deal of the century is nothing but trading lands, it seeks to achieve the Zionists’ aim which is to turn Palestine into a country reserved for Jews. 

The details of the deal of the century are not yet clear, but based on what different media have announced, the deal says that 3 million of Palestinians should live in the West Bank, 2 million in Gaza Strip, around 2 million in Arab lands occupied in 1948 and the Palestinians who live in other countries can settle down in another separate area.  

This scheme seems pretty unrealistic and there is little chance that it will get off the ground.  

In Manama meeting, Saudi Arabia accepted to invest $40 billion and United Arab Emirates (UAE) offered to invest $20 billion. In fact, the planners of the deal of the century knew that the Palestinians are having financial problems, so they tried to start their project with first deceiving the Palestinians with offering some money. 

However, this plan had two problems; first, Saudi Arabia is under unrelenting financial pressure because it has spent a lot of money by meddling in many issues in Middle East, such as the Yemen war. 

Second, even though Palestinian resistant groups have a lot of differences, they are all on the same page in disagreeing with the deal of the century. 

Many countries in the region, international organizations, Palestinian groups and the resistant group have declared their opposition to the deal of the century. We can say that based on four reasons, this project is doomed to fail: 

1.    Over the last two decades, every project that U.S. has started in South West Asia or North Africa has failed. One example is the Substitute Homeland Project suggested by Ariel Sharon with two alternatives of either building a new capital in Jordan or reviving the Bahrolmeyet Lake by building a canal over the Gulf of Aqaba. Other examples are the Neom City plan put forward by Mohammad bin Salman and the Red Sea tourism project. All these plans were managed by U.S. and were supposed to attract the Palestinians from both inside and outside their country. 

Similar projects for attracting and locating Palestinians were carried out in Sinai Peninsula, but all these projects failed and the deal of the century which has the same goal and road map will fail just like them. 

2.    The deal of the century cannot be successful; it is not because U.S. or the United Kingdom or any other country who follows them are not trying enough, it is simply because they are now “incapable” of doing whatever they want in Middle East. U.S. and U.K. can no longer be the main powers in the region, they cannot suppress the Palestinian resistant groups and cannot determine the course of events for Palestine.

Palestinian resistant groups are now far more powerful. In the same time, Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet has become weaker than before as they have faced many failures over the last years. Therefore, it seems unlikely for them to be able to run the deal of the century. 

3.    The deal of the century is a project that seeks to change the geopolitics of a region, to give away some vast lands and to make a big population move so that the usurper regime of Israel can have a firmer position and they can turn Palestine into a land excluded to Jews; however, changing the geopolitics of a region or changing the religions practiced in a region are social transformations and cannot be controlled by some political plan. 

The statistics show that the population of Palestinian Arabs has increased 7.4% while the population of Jews leaving in this region has increased by only 1.2%, this is a social fact that the number of Arab Palestinians is increasing; the dominant ethnic groups in this region are Arabs. Palestine is an Arab country and will remain one, and their lands will be completely returned to them. 

4.    The main supporter of the Zionists and the deal of the century is no one but U.S.; however, over the last few months, American officials have repeatedly announced that they do not seek military action against Iran. This shows that U.S. is changing its policies toward the Middle Eastern countries who are resisting the American oppression, and especially toward the Islamic Republic of Iran which is the symbol of resistance against western interference and oppression in Middle East. Based on these facts, we can easily predict that the deal of the century will be a total failure. 

The last word

The deal of the century is the first step toward “the New Middle East” project that was first proposed when George W. Bush was the president of the United States. “The new Middle East” project seeks to change the geopolitical features of the Middle East. 
Undoubtedly, projects such as “the New Middle East” and “the deal of the century” which try to divide lands and populations, can pose great dangers to the nations, but we can defeat these dangers if we stand against them with open eyes and firm resolution. From now on, Middle East and the Muslim world should pay more attention to such projects and try to nip them in the bud.   

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