Iran-Iraq cooperation promotes regional security: Judiciary chief

July 15, 2019 - 19:56

TEHRAN - Ebrahim Raeisi, the Judiciary chief, said on Monday that expansion of judicial cooperation between Iran and Iraq promotes regional security.

“We have good cooperation with the Iraqi government in the area of fighting organized crimes and terrorism which should be expanded,” he said during a meeting with Faed Zaidan, head of the High Judicial Council of Iraq, in Tehran.

Raeisi noted that security in the region should be maintained by regional forces and not foreign forces.

Foreign forces undermine security in the region, he added.

“The best security in the region is the one which is created by the regional countries and people. Presence of the foreign powers especially the U.S. has no benefit for the regional security. Fortunately, this is common position of Iran and Iraq,” he said.


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