Iranian National Commission for UNESCO honors calligrapher Yadollah Kaboli 

July 21, 2019 - 18:55

TEHRAN – Calligrapher Yadollah Kaboli Khansari, the 70-year-old master of shekasteh nastaliq, a style of Persian calligraphy, was honored by the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO during a special ceremony in Tehran on Saturday.

The ceremony was organized at the National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI) to celebrate his lifelong career in reviving and promoting shekasteh nastaliq. 

Speaking during the meeting, Iranian National Commission for UNESCO director Hojjatollah Ayyubi said, “Master Kaboli helped introduce the art of Persian calligraphy to the West.”

“Like florists who pick beautiful flowers, calligraphers select the best poems and remarks to inscribe and bring them to our houses. They keep our poetry and literature alive and make them more spectacular,” Ayyubi said.

“There are many famous stars shining in the sky of Iran and we need more stars to shine in the sky of our land these days,” he stated.

“Today the calligraphers are the standard-bearers of Iran’s culture and civilization, and calligraphy is one of the major elements of Persian culture and the world of Noruz, which I call the land of the Sun,” he asserted.

NLAI director Ashraf Borujerdi called Kaboli a great cultural and social asset of the country who has made great efforts to transfer the precious art of calligraphy to the younger generations.

“Master Kaboli has offered us a written history of knowledge of this country with his precious inscriptions over the past 50 years,” Borujrdi concluded.

An exhibition Kaboli’s calligraphy works also opened at the library on Saturday.

Among Kaboli’s noteworthy credits is his book “Sama in Sama”, a 352-page book published by the Gooya House of Culture and Art in 2015. The book contains a selection of Kaboli’s shekasteh nastaliq. 

Photo: Yadollah Kaboli and his wife unveil a postage stamp to celebrate fifty years of his career in calligraphy at the NLAI in Tehran on July 20, 2019. (Tehran Times/Babak Borzuyeh)  


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