Bijan Zamani’s Success Story as an Entrepreneur

July 21, 2019 - 16:15

Bijan Zamani is a serial and successful entrepreneur perhaps best known for founding MihanPezeshk in 2011. Zamani is one of the best-known and oldest names in the world of Iranian startups. Zamani developed a relentless work ethic and a tenacious single-minded vision.

This isn't Zamani's first success. The tech visionary started his business at the age of 15, before even putting a thought into MihanPezeshk. Growing up in north of Tehran and then moved to London at the age of 14, the self-taught computer programmer started his first business designing and hosting websites for companies while he was in school. Later began developing his ideas which one of them won an award at the 1st Iran Web and Mobile Festival in 2008.

Bijan's other ventures include founding DotPluto, a digital marketing and development company that works mainly with doctors and e-commerce companies to build and advertise their business on the Internet.

Bijan Zamani’s Beginnings

Zamani was born in Iran, in 1989 and moved to London at the age of 14. According to his interview with TehranTimes, Zamani is coming from a family of doctors and he found interest in connecting Medicine and Technology which led him to study Computer Engineering at London South Bank University and later in 2015 went to Medical University to study Medicine.

Startups, Struggles and Economic Sanctions

Zamani’s was mostly successful in the startups that he made in Iran. Zamani believes Iran is the last untapped internet opportunities in the world which obviously is the reason he was always focused in the Iranian market but due to U.S. economic sanctions many companies are struggling. The value of Iranian currency is constantly changing and it affects the businesses all around the country and it’s impossible to make a long-term business plan. Lately when he founded DotPluto he expanded his work territory and works with English and Russian companies as well as he is fluent in both English and Russian language. In 2007 Zamani was named “Top 20 under 20 Entrepreneurs” by Elmerooz magazine.

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