By Fatemeh Salehi

The rise of Yemeni long-range missiles 

August 4, 2019 - 10:8

TEHRAN - Yemen army and public groups attacked the furthest eastern part of East Saudi Arabia, in Dammam, for the very first time with a long-range ballistic missile. 

Dammam city lies in the banks of the Persian Gulf, in the furthest eastern part of Saudi Arabia. The city is home to major businesses in Saudi Arabia and is the main export center of Aramco, the Saudi’s giant oil company. 

In another operation, the resistant Yemeni groups used Qasef drones and middle-range ballistic missiles and attacked a military parade organized in Aden by renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar. 41 soldiers, including a senior officer were killed during the attack. 

The operation was carried out against militia forces deployed in al-Jala'a military camp in the Yemeni southern port city of Aden. The targeted military forces were getting ready to attack two regions in Taizz and Zale. 

Zeifullah al-Shami, the spokesperson of Yemen National Liberation Government in Sana'a announced that if the opposing side continue the attacks, there will be a third operation on the way. 

Yemeni resistant groups launched these two unprecedented large missile and drone attacks while Saudi-Arabia and its supporters such as the United Arab Emirates condemned the resistant groups. The media affiliated with Saudi also gave a biased report of the attacks to start a psychological war. 

Yemeni’s unique operations were launched successively in one day. The successful attacks sent a clear message to the Saudi invaders to know that the military power of Yemeni forces is increasing rapidly and they can now target even the furthest part of Saudi Arabia. 

As the Yemeni resistant groups gain more power to fight invaders, the disagreements keep growing between Saudi Arabia and UAE in regard to Yemen.  

With the fast progress of Yemeni forces, the Saudis and its supporters are now starting to realize that they made a big mistake by invading Yemen. 

Most importantly, the operation showed that Yemeni forces can now attack targets that are thousands of kilometers away. 

The operations come after the attacks on Saudi airport and prove that Sanaa can expand its military reach to central or eastern part of Saudi Arabia and target all its critical bases. Surely, in the future, the resistant forces will launch more extensive and advanced operations against Saudi Arabia and UAE. 

Now, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have realized that the war is in favor of Yemen and the longer it takes, the more victims there will be in Yemen, but Saudi Arabia and UAE will also suffer its consequences. 


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