New device helps running with less pain

August 7, 2019 - 11:48

TEHRAN- Researchers at Tehran University of Medical Science have designed a new device that can help people run or walk long distances with consuming less energy and feeling less pain or tiredness.

According to Rezvan Nasiri, the lead researcher of the project, the device is an exoskeleton that entails a special spring. 

The spring restores some parts of the energy consumed in running and later transfer it to the legs, so no engine or battery is used in this device, ISNA quoted Nasiri as saying on Tuesday. 

“The imbedded spring sheet restore the energy of one leg and transfer it to the other, so it reduces the energy consumption by eight percent,” she added.  

“We designed this device to help people who have physical disabilities have more serious physical exercises. Moreover, the athletes who suffer from Sciatica Nerve pain or chronic muscular pain can use the device to feel less pain when running.” 

The device is designed based on careful study of human skeleton and reduce the tiredness of muscles especially in fast running, she noted.

“This device can be adjusted to different paces of running while similar foreign products are only designed for a specific pace of walking or running.”

Building this device is also less costly than similar foreign products, she concluded. 


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