‘No problem in clearing cargoes at Iranian ports’

August 10, 2019 - 19:49

TEHRAN - A deputy with the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) said there is no particular problem in clearing cargoes at the country’s ports and all shipments will be cleared unless there are legal obstacles, Tasnim news agency reported on Saturday.

According to Mehrdad Jamal Orounaqi, importers should consider the industry ministry’s banned commodity groups in placing their orders and purchases in order to avoid legal complexities.

“The clearance process differs for various commodities, but overall this process entails obtaining necessary legal authorizations for both private and state importers, after which they need to go to the customs office and declare their goods,” he explained.

Earlier in May, the official had said that IRICA is providing new facilities for importers of basic goods which makes them able to clear their commodities in less than an hour.
“For basic goods such as meat, system formalities and clearance procedures will be carried out in less than an hour and importers can transport their goods soon after,” Orounaqi said.

IRICA has also selected 120 major manufacturing companies under the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) framework to provide them with especial facilities like non-stop and duty-free clearance.

“These 120 companies, some of which are knowledge-based, can clear their goods using a non-stop green customs path,” IRICA Head Mehdi Mir-Ashrafi said.

According to the official, one of the problems that most of the producers are facing is the lack of liquidity, in this regard IRICA has agreed to help the producers by letting them to clear their goods by paying the duties partially.


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