Unilateralism is “dangerous” and “doomed to failure”, Iranian FM notes

Zarif says multilateralism has become a necessity

October 21, 2019 - 19:26

TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that multilateralism has become a necessity in the world.

“In today’s world, the West cannot take all decisions for the international developments,” he said during a speech at a conference at Allameh Tabataba’i University.

He added, “Governments have come to the conclusion that they can neither solve their problems by themselves nor can they prevent others’ transgressive actions. So, they adopted multilateralism.”

Zarif also noted, “Governments cannot decide for the world unilaterally, because they have lost their monopoly over the international decision making.”

Zarif said that unilateralism is “dangerous” and “doomed to failure”.

‘No one can trust signature of the United States’

Zarif also said that no one can trust the signature of the United States, citing Washington’s withdrawal from international agreements, including the 2015 nuclear deal, as examples.

“The United States is following unilateralism without respecting the importance of international law. So, no one can trust the United States’ signature,” the chief diplomat remarked.

He said many countries that follow Washington’s policies have no choice because of the United States’ power. However, he added, countries have been starting to downgrade their relations with the U.S.

Pointing to the European Union’s special financial mechanism for trade with Iran, known as INSTEX, Zarif said the Europeans are trying to distance themselves from their ally.

“INSTEX may not have much value for us, however, the important point is that it has been for a year that the United States’ close allies are escaping from their biggest military ally through their slow and unacceptable methods (in implementing INSTEX). It means that the players do not accept to be under control of just one player who acts unpredictably and violates international law,” Zarif pointed out.

INSTEX – the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges - is a European special purpose vehicle aimed at facilitating legitimate trade between Europe and Iran.

The EU announced on June 28 that its special financial mechanism for trade with Iran, known as INSTEX, has gone into effect. However, Iran says the mechanism is far short of Iran’s expectation.

‘United States is addicted to sanctions’

Zarif also said that the U.S. is addicted to unilateral sanctions.

He said sanction is an instrument that an “individual, society or country uses to make others respect regulation” but the United States is using sanctions to “impose its own policies”.


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