Senior diplomat: Manoto TV funded by Iranians’ looted wealth 

November 19, 2019 - 19:21

TEHRAN – Iran’s envoy to London wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday that the family members of the ousted shah are allocating a hefty amount of money to the London-based Manoto TV network to continue airing anti-Iran propaganda. 

Hamid Ba’eidinejad displayed a copy of Manoto’s financial balance sheet on his Twitter, saying, “Manoto television balance sheet shows that the network is completely bankrupt. Only 3 million English pound out the 95 million pound of the network’s capital is its own income and the remaining part is merely a loss.”

“The network that is being run by the family members of the Shah of Iran and via using the Iranians’ plundered wealth, has turned into a propagandistic company for the Pahlavi family,” he stated.

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