Raisi: Rioters will be dealt with decisively

November 25, 2019 - 19:6

TEHRAN – Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi has said those who fomented insecurity and disarray in the recent protests will be tried in courts, according to ISNA.

“Naturally, those who are less to blame in these incidents should be treated appropriately and those who fomented insecurity and disarray should be handed over to the courts to be dealt with decisively and according to justice,” Raisi said on Monday.

He added that some of the incidents, such as attempts to destroy the country’s infrastructure, were not carried out by people and the footsteps of hooligans, agitators and rioters as well as the foreign spy agencies can be found in the last week’s unrest.

Late on November 14, the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) stated to recount details for new prices of gasoline in the country. It was followed by another statement in early Friday by Head of the Management and Planning Organization (MPO) Mohammad Baqer Nobakht who said that the revenues would be allocated to 60 million people in the form of cash subsidy.

In what followed after the decision, protests erupted in several cities with people calling on the government to reverse course. The demonstrations, however, turned violent in some cities, with clashes between security forces and certain elements damaging public property.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supported the government’s decision and condemned any act of sabotage carried out by some “hooligans” and supported by Iran’s enemies.

“You see in the past two days, all the centers of evil in the world have been encouraging such acts against us. From the sinister Pahlavi dynasty to the vicious and criminal gang of Monafeqin (the MEK terrorist group); they are constantly encouraging hooliganism via the internet and other means,” the Leader stated.

Other officials also blamed Monfaeqin and the Pahlavi dynasty in addition to the U.S. and Israeli governments.

Critics, however, questioned the timing of the decision, which came amid heightened economic pressure on Iranian people as a result of the inhumane economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

They also criticized the sudden announcement of the measure, describing it as an undemocratic way of making a decision that affects the entire nation.

In his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei urged the authorities to take good care of the affected people and assuage the hardship caused by the move.

He also called on the people to take note of the enemies’ plots to disrupt Iran’s security and take a separate path from the rioters that try to foment insecurity in the country.


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