By Damir Nazarov

Syrians will resist.

December 20, 2019 - 15:18

WEST SIBERIA/ TYUMEN - The American occupation in Syria raises the question: What do the Yankees expect from Syria? In the words of local imperialist puppets represented by the Military council Deir Zor and part-time field commanders of the SDF: "Americans are called upon to provide assistance to the Kurdish insurgents in the fight against Assad and the Iranians". In fact, on the one hand - the American occupiers are a symbol of cooperation between Zionism and the Saudis, and on the other hand-with the Pro-American Kurds. This tandem is used by the SDF for anti-Iranian policy.

After the Iranians appeared in the North-East of Syria in the liberated areas, the States changed the decision to "complete withdrawal of troops", thereby intending to "instill confidence" in their local puppets. The "Support" of the SDF project against the Islamic Republic is not the sole cause of the American occupation.

Washington is using several levers to fight Tehran and its allies. Turkey, a longtime NATO ally, is helping him in this direction. An example of such cooperation in Syria is NATO's General support for terrorists. Groups of panturkists, jihadists and "democratic oppositionists" are glad of the American presence in Syria, which do not hide their aspirations for a direct Alliance with NATO against Assad, Iran and even Russia. The partial withdrawal of American fighters from Syria is dictated by Washington's plans to grant unlimited powers to Turkey in its plans to capture and assimilate all of Northern Syria, with the subsequent advance deep into the Arab Republic. The great Satan in the best tradition of American politics uses his puppets to implement tactical plans. Washington, as previously London, never work with one side in any conflict, but beware of a situation in which they can remain without an alternative in case of an emergency or become a "hostage" of relations with a sole ally (in such situations, they say that "the tail wagging the dog"). Under the current circumstances, it should be added once again that Ankara, like the SDF, are two sides of the same coin. The two lugs of the American spear in the body of Syria.

Local resistance to the imperialists from allies and supporters of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps in Syria periodically report their presence - in the form of guerrilla operations. The purpose of these operations is the desire to convey to Washington that the occupiers are walking under the gun and if they do not get out, at any time the local forces associated with the Axis of Resistance can organize armed resistance. Tehran has local allies in the North and East of Syria: the military-political party Liwa al-Baqir, various local Arab and Kurdish tribes, local guerrillas. In the event of any confrontation, representatives of the "Great Satan" and his loyalists will suffer enormous damage from the Syrian resistance.

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