New restoration season starts on historical mosque in Zanjan

January 12, 2020 - 19:14

TEHRAN – A fresh season of restoration has recently started on historical Mirzaei Mosque in Zanjan, west-central Iran, CHTN reported on Saturday.

The monument is famous as the Chahar Mehrabeh (having four mihrabs) mosque and it is situated nearing the historical bazaar of the city. (Mihrab is referred to niche in the wall of a mosque or a room in the mosque that indicates the direction of Mecca.)

The main prayer hall of the congregational mosque is built in Chehel Sotoun (forty columns) style, which is mostly compared to the 17th-century Chehel Sotoun palace in Isfahan.

Mirzaei Mosque is located in the 'Lower' bazaar area and has been most probably constructed in the late Safavid era to early Qajar period, sources say. The mosque is divided into two parts named as being the ancient beauty for nocturnal prayers and the 'new' mosque. Two dates can be noted on the southern portico and another date on the gateway being 1301 AH and 1382 AH respectively.

Situated on a high plain, surrounded by stark, eroded hills, Zanjan is a deserved travel destination and it also makes a perfect base for wider explorations. The architectural wonder of Soltaniyeh is nearby, while the battered hoodoos of Behestan Castle and the bizarrely striped Colourful Mountains lie further afield. Enticingly scenic roads radiate to Khal Khal and the Caspian, the subterranean delights of the Katale Khor Caves, and the superbly lonely Takht-e Soleiman ruins.


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