By Martin Love

Iran, under extreme pressure? Superb responses so far

February 5, 2020 - 14:0

NORTH CAROLINA - To be quite clear, the bizarre creature who came up with the Israel/Palestine “peace” deal (that has been rejected most everywhere) is not very bright, and he is so waxen-looking that he belongs frozen in eternal silence in London’s Madame Tussaud’s museum. Except that he would not be acceptable there, even as a wax effigy, because he has never been good for anything.

That this guy, Jared Kushner, has any credibility at all is a miracle. He is a real estate slumlord and little more, whose sole claim to any knowledge about the Israel/Palestine matter is that, he asserts, he has read 25 books on the topic. Maybe there’s something to having an undergraduate degree from Harvard, but his father, a convicted felon who spent time in jail, gave Harvard a sufficient amount of money to get his son into the university.

One need not write further about the proposed “deal”. It’s an abomination and even Israelis, some of them anyway but not Likudniks and settler extremists, oppose it. Worse, almost, is Trump’s expanding ban on visits to the U.S. by Muslims, or people from more largely Muslim countries. This is a reelection strategy aimed at igniting right-wing nationalism and hatred amid his electoral base of lunatic fascists.

Adding to the misery is that the U.S. Senate, dominated by Republicans, refused to permit the calling of witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trial. But never mind on that. Trump’s conviction was unlikely from the get go, EVEN THOUGH Republicans have essentially admitted the charges against Trump (regarding Ukraine) were valid. Thus the faux (no witness) trial actually exposed the GOP members of the Senate as being anti-democracy, anti even the U.S. Constitution. But this is actually a good thing, because IF Trump had been convicted and removed from office, the standing of Republicans might have been enhanced rather than diminished, and their re-election chances come November more secure. As it is, some long established sinecures held by Republican dinosaurs in the U.S. Senate, people like Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky who has done tremendous damage to “democracy” in America, may not be reelected given the faux trial which still does not exonerate Trump from his misdeeds. Once Impeached, always impeached at least.

At any rate, Democrat voters may be on track to nominate the first Jew ever who has a shot at becoming President. This is remarkable and Sen. Bernie Sanders is more deserving than anyone in recent memory, and soon he may be the winner of the Iowa caucuses and the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, and then maybe more in South Carolina and Nevada – which could well sew up the nomination significantly, if not completely. 

Sanders supports many, many good ideas: among those ideas are withdrawing support for Israel’s apartheid, getting the U.S. out of wars of choice in the Middle East, perhaps even restoration of some accord with Iran and the dropping of sanctions. Sanders also wants Medicare expanded to all Americans, and the reduction of the role of big money in elections. It almost sounds too good to be true, and maybe it is, but the world could be surprised.

Except that the usual attack dogs, including Zionist Jews like Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard Law professor who has become notorious for defending the guilty, including Trump. In his defense of Trump he may have gone too far, asserting essentially that Trump could do whatever he wanted if he thought his reelection would be “good” for the U.S. (which is an insane notion in any democracy.) But now Dershowitz is threatening to subject Bernie Sanders to the Jeremy Corbyn treatment using faux allegations of anti-Semitism if Sanders secures the nomination. But maybe such a strategy would backfire? Are Americans still so ignorant not to figure out the odious grip the Zionists have on the U.S.? The fealty to Zionism by the “establishment” has already half wrecked the U.S. this century so far.

One country that has so far played a lousy hand superbly well has been Iran. The missile attack on ‘Ain al-Asad base in western Iraq in retaliation for the murder of General Soleimani was a thing of beauty for what it accomplished, and those accomplishment were many. Above all, it signaled to the world that Iran is no patsy, that it will defend itself, is afraid of no “superpower”. The human toll at the base is still being covered up, too, by the U.S., and that toll is just right: no deaths, just enough human damage to suggest or forecast tremendous U.S. soldier carnage should the U.S. unleash an all-out war on Iran. 

And those missiles! Such accuracy, which begs the question whether Iran had some assistance from Russia. Some use of Russia’s satellite guidance system is likely. The Russians well know that if Iran is ever destroyed by the U.S. and its poodles, the next target will be Russia itself, and then on to China, which is groaning under the Coronavirus epidemic. Never has the world seemed more complicated or at risk, but it would be a mistake to literally believe so. Worse times there certainly have been.

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