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Permanent Secretariat of Exhibitions and Investment Seminars in Oil and Petrochemical Industry Inaugurated in Kish

February 19, 2020 - 15:51

Kish Island has high potential and capability to play a leading role in various industrial and economic fields especially oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Chief Executive of Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) Gholamhossein Mozaffari added, “if we believe in ourselves, we can realize most objectives in petrochemical industry of the country in the best form possible.”

He pointed to the proposal of setting up permanent secretariat of Exhibitions of Petrochemical Industries in Kish Island and its operation and added, “Kish Free Zone enjoys high potentials and capabilities in materializing most objectives of the country.”

He reiterated, “this Working Group has made all its utmost efforts and has taken giant strides to realize most objectives in specialized fields.”

Mozaffari pointed to the three permanent secretariats in Kish Island and added, “it is hoped that a permanent secretariat will be set up for each conference.”

Benefited from the most experienced technical knowhow and knowledge, it is hoped that we will host foreigners for conclusion of contracts and provided them high technical knowledge of the country, the CEO added.

In the sector of oil, Kish is home to companies that are considered as world’s top four companies, Mozaffari highlighted.

Deputy Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization (FZO) for Economic Affairs Nasser Akhoundi was the next speaker who pointed to the speed of operationalization of this giant project and added, “paving suitable bedrock and also providing necessary opportunities are of the salient and positive characteristic of this exhibition.”

He pointed to various fields such as INNOVEX Exhibition, Steel, Energy and Petrochemical Symposium and added, “permanent presence of these industries in Kish Island will bring about favorable space and suitable capacity for turning Kish into a hub in the region.”

During the three-day of the exhibition, various Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) were inked and Secretariat of the exhibition was set up which was very ‘important and promising’, he added.

Over the past three days, over 25 contracts and MoUs were signed and sealed with subsidiary companies including Arvand, Tondgouyan, Development Management Co., Fajr and Karun companies, Deputy Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization (FZO) for Economic Affairs Nasser Akhoundi emphasized.

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