Value of trades at IME climbs 37% in a week

March 1, 2020 - 11:38

TEHRAN- The worth of trades at Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) has risen 37 percent during the past Iranian calendar week (ended on Friday), according to a report released by the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of IME.

The report says that 826,653 tons of commodities worth $1.142 million have been traded at this exchange market in the past week, indicating 40 percent rise in the volume of trades.

On the domestic and export metal and mineral trading floor of IME, 277,652 tons of various products worth close to $538 million were traded, the same report confirmed.

On this trading floor, 253,264 tons of steel, 11,160 tons of copper, 10,420 tons of aluminum, 250 tons of molybdenum concentrates, 18 tons of precious metal concentrates, 540 tons of zinc ingot as well as 2,000 tons of coke were traded by customers.

The report declares that on domestic and export oil and petrochemical trading floors of IME, 548,341 tons of different commodities with the total value of $605 million were traded.

On this trading floor, 132,820 tons of bitumen, 225,000 tons of VB feed stock, 95,764 tons of polymer products, 31,000 tons of lube cut oil, 41,423 tons of chemical products, 1,679 tons of base oil, 3,000 tons of slaps waxes, 100 tons of argon, 1,505 tons of insulation, as well as 16,050 tons of sulfur were traded.

Furthermore, the side market of IME experienced trading of 606 tons of various commodities.

As previously announced by IME’s International Affairs and Public Relations Department, 2.874 million tons of commodities valued at $3.397 billion were traded at this exchange market in January.

During the last month, the oil and petrochemical trading floor of IME hosted trading of 1,697,033 tons of commodities worth $1.65 million, the same report confirmed.

On this trading floor, more than 543,118 tons of bitumen, 280,982 tons of polymer products and 149,505 tons of chemical products, 483,850 tons of VB feed stock, 170,240 tons of lube cut oil, 55,685 tons of sulfur, 5,595 tons of insulation, 2,000 tons of slaps waxes, 6,018 tons of base oil and paraffin waxes, and 40 tons of argon were traded by customers.

The IME report said that metal and mineral trading floor witnessed trading over 1.169 million tons of commodities worth more than $1,737 million in the past month.

On this trading floor 1.09 million tons of steel, 17,750 tons of copper, 640 tons of molybdenum concentrates, 60 tons of precious metals concentrates, 39,960 tons of zinc, 20,940 tons of aluminum, 10 tons of lead ingot, as well as 87 kg of gold bullion were traded by customers.

Meanwhile, the side market of the IME experienced trading of 2,778 tons of polyester threads, a total number of 16,850 of empty barrel as well as 4,900 tons of phosphate concentrates during January.


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