Iranian people, government will never forget friends of hard days  

March 14, 2020 - 21:16

TEHRAN - In a post on his Twitter account on Saturday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman underlined that his country’s people and officials will never forget those who assisted them in hard days of the coronavirus outbreak. 

“Following (Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad) Zarif’s tweets and phone calls as well as the Iranian embassies’ efforts, in addition to aid provided by China, Turkey, the Emirates (UAE), Germany, Britain and France, the country has received more medical equipment and financial assistance from Japan, Qatar, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russia,” Abbas Mousavi wrote, appreciating the countries which have assisted Iran in containing the pandemic disease. 

“The Iranian government and people will never forget friends of hard days,” he reiterated.

On Friday, Mousavi was quoted by IRNA as elaborating on the measures taken in fighting coronavirus and also the foreign contributions.

Speaking to reporters, Mousavi appreciated the Chinese government and people for their aid.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also put on agenda supporting nationals in other countries, he said, adding that during the period of the virus outbreak in China, all efforts were made for helping the Iranian students in Wuhan.

After doing investigations, the students were transferred to Iran by Mahan Airlines.

Mousavi said after the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran, the Foreign Ministry focused its efforts on accepting voluntary aid from friends and also from international organizations.

Following is the list of aid received by the Iranian Health Ministry from China till Friday:

1. About 350,000 coronavirus test kit

2. About 2,400,000 face-masks

3. About 130,000 isolation gown

4. About 120 ventilators and respirators

5. About 2,800 thermometers and pulse oximeter

6. About 13,000 protective goggles

7. About 160,000 face and head protectors

8. About 50 boxes of special anti-COVID19 drug

Mousavi went on to say on Friday that many contributions, including about 32,000 kg of packed aid were waiting for the next flights to be transferred to Iran.

Head of the public relations office at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education Kianoush Jahanpour said on Saturday that so far 12,729 Iranians citizens have been infected with the deadly coronavirus. Jahanpour added so far 611 of the infected citizens have died and 4,339 have recovered.


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