Payam Mohebbi

Coronavirus, a vaccine to prevent World War III!

March 17, 2020 - 19:45

Over the past centuries, countries have been proud of their high incomes and wealth, and have always sought to rule over other countries, a move which ultimately has led to war. It has also been considered as one of the main causes of World War I and World War II.

On the other hand, epidemics that had spread in the past resulted in huge casualties due to the lack of vaccines and antibiotics and acted as controlling factors of the world’s natural population.

By taking a look at the outcome of these events, one will find out that the First World War, which had been waged due to the same territorial expansions, ended with the outbreak of Spanish flu, as it inflicted financial burden and living costs on countries and made political leaders make peace. 

It is noteworthy that rich countries in the past, because of their high income, used to turn to make arms and inciting the world to war. Therefore, the world’s leaders talked with each other through the power of the weapon. But, at the present time, when the world is struggling with a global pandemic (the coronavirus), instead of thinking about the former ideals, all states and leaders around the world should find a way to protect people from a hostility that is not even seen.  

This global pandemic has proven to the whole world that the rich and the poor are all equally vulnerable to disease and the class gap does not have anything to do with it. In fact, the possibility for a rich country to be infected is the same as a poor country, and the casualties will be the same at the end. 

It is true that the coronavirus has resulted in many difficulties and deaths, but, by creating the sense of sympathy and weakness, it could make us all realize that it does not matter whether we are Iranian, American, rich, poor, black or white, as we are vulnerable to the virus to the same degree.

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