Tehran to hold virtual workshop on geotourism

April 8, 2020 - 1:16

TEHRAN – Tehran province’s department of cultural heritage, tourism, and handicrafts is scheduled to hold a virtual workshop on geotourism today.

The workshop is aimed to turn the spotlight on Tehran province’s geographical characters, environment, heritage, aesthetics, and culture, provincial tourism chief Parham Janfeshan announced on Monday, CHTN reported.

“Thanks to its distinct geographical conditions, Tehran enjoys a variety of geological marvels which can attract many tourists each year,” the official said.

Underlining the importance of education in tourism, he noted “If we want to realize sustainable development in the province’s tourism, we must strengthen the foundations of education,” he said.

Many experts believe that geotourism is not a niche market as the global population of travelers increases and destinations become more globalized and homogenous, principles of geotourism are resonating with travelers across the globe.


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