U.S. behavior can endanger security in Persian Gulf, Rouhani warns in call with Xi

April 28, 2020 - 17:38

TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani told the Chinese leader late on Monday that the United States’ interfering behavior can endanger security and stability in the Persian Gulf.

“Security in the region and waterways is important to Iran. However, unfortunately, the United States’ dangerous behavior disrupts security and stability in the Persian Gulf region,” Rouhani told President Xi Jinping in a phone conversation.

Rouhani also said, “Today, the world is in a situation in which all should help each other and not continue illegal and inhuman sanctions.”

He expressed hope that there would be a world without sanctions through efforts of countries such as China. 

For his part, Xi said that peace and stability in the Persian Gulf are very important for international peace.

He said that Iran’s proposed Hormuz peace initiative is “very positive” for regional security.

At the United Nations summit in New York in late September 2019, Iran officially unveiled the proposal for regional security.

“Based upon the historical responsibility of my country in maintaining security, peace, stability, and progress in the Persian Gulf region and Strait of Hormuz, I would like to invite all the countries directly affected by the developments in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz to the ‘Coalition for Hope’, meaning Hormuz Peace Endeavor,” Rouhani told the UN delegates.

Foreign Minister Zarif has invited all regional states to join the peace plan for securing the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

In a tweet in September, Zarif said the initiative entails “dialogue, confidence-building, freedom of navigation, energy security, non-aggression, and non-intervention”.

In a post on his Twitter account on October 15, Zarif renewed Iran’s call to all countries bordering the Persian Gulf to join Tehran to “forge a blueprint for peace, security, stability, and prosperity” in the region.

In a press briefing on November 25, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi announced that three countries have accepted to join Iran’s Hormuz peace plan.

“Three countries have given written response to Iran’s invitation and other countries are studying it,” he said.

Mousavi also called on certain Persian Gulf Arab states to abandon reliance on foreign forces for their security, saying dependence on foreigners is just an “illusion” 

“We called on the countries to respond to Iran’s peace-seeking call and abandon illusions. We have stressed that the presence of foreign countries undermines security and stability. We hope this initiative of Iran would face with a positive response,” Mousavi stated.

Xi says China ready to join Iran for ultimate victory over COVID-19

Xi also said that China stands ready to join Iran and the rest of the international community in boosting anti-pandemic cooperation and achieving the ultimate victory over COVID-19.

He expressed his sincere sympathy with and firm support for the Iranian government and people who are fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, saying that the two countries, by helping each other and sharing weal and woe, have fully demonstrated the deep friendship between the two countries and their peoples in the battle against the disease, according to Xinhua.

The Chinese people, said Xi, are concerned about the Iranian people's epidemic fight, adding that the country has sent to the Iranian side several batches of anti-epidemic materials and its first team of experts to foreign countries.

He also said that the Chinese side stands ready to continue working with Iran in enhancing cooperation to battle the epidemic, share related experience, and offer help within China's ability, adding that he believes that the Iranian people, under the leadership of Rouhani, will score the victory over the virus at an early date.

Xi stressed that in the face of the global public health emergency, the international community can only form a concerted drive to win over the epidemic by strengthening coordination and cooperation, saying that unilateral sanctions only hinder the efforts of Iran and the international community to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rouhani says U.S. violates intl. law

In another phone conversation with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday, Rouhani said that the U.S. sanctions violate international law.

Washington has even prevented Iran from receiving medical equipment and medicine, Rouhani lamented.

“We expect the international bodies to counter the United States’ unilateralism and illegal sanctions against Iran,” he noted.

For his part, Ramaphosa said, “It is the time to collectively take action against the common enemy [the coronavirus]. It is not the time to cause problems for other nations through imposing sanctions and pressure.”

Rouhani urges Europe to counter U.S. inhuman actions

In a phone conversation with Croatian President Zoran Milanovic on Monday, Rouhani urged Europe to resist U.S. inhuman actions.

Continuation of the U.S. behavior is “inhuman”, he added.

Milanovic also described the U.S. sanctions and pressure against Iran “wrong” and “inhuman”.


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