Millennia-old goblet to go on show

April 29, 2020 - 22:35

TEHRAN – A millennia-old goblet, unearthed last year, will be put on show at a museum in Khalkhal, one of the historical cities of the northwestern Ardebil province.

The silver object is estimated to date three thousand years to the times of Mannaeans, IRNA reported on Tuesday.

Experts say the goblet is on par with other silver vases that have so far been excavated in Hasanlu archaeological site, northwestern Iran. Hasanlu, which Iran endeavors to put it on the UNESCO World Heritage list, has yielded the famed Golden Bowl of Hasanlu, decorated silver bowls, iron garment pins headed by bronze lions, a knife handle with gold cloisonné, and two hollow bronze horse heads served to hold liquids, among others.

The Mannaeans lived in the territory of present-day northwestern Iran south of Lake Urmia, around the 10th to 7th centuries BC. At that time they were neighbors of the empires of Assyria and Urartu, as well as other small buffer states between the two, such as Musasir and Zikirta.


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