By Mohammad Shojaeian Zanjani

Following the guidelines of martyr Beheshti

May 4, 2020 - 16:35

“The Tehran Times is not the newspaper of the government, but the loud voice of the Islamic Revolution and the supporter of the oppressed people in the world,” martyr Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Beheshti has underscored. 

Ayatollah Beheshti's strong advice has motivated us more than ever and it has always been the main strategy of the newspaper.  

The Tehran Times, the oldest printed outlet in the English language in the Islamic Republic, was established by one of the most prominent ideologists of the Islamic Revolution. 

Obviously, a long time has passed since the emergence of the printed media outlets in the world, but there are still some papers which enjoy significant attention and supremacy due to their unique characteristics and privileges.

Nowadays, some people opt to search for their desirable topics via social networks. On the other hand, finding access to reliable news is not easy as fake news and rumors are being propagated in huge numbers by media, especially in the cyberspace. In such a complicated scene, access to authentic news and reports can be regarded as a gift of God.   

The mission of those media, which have tried to treasure the real ideals of human beings, is paramount in comparison to others. Such media outlets have differentiated their approach and taken giant strides on the true path which is nothing more than being the loud voice of the oppressed people around the globe.    

In the mentioned path, we have promoted the mission of the Tehran Times as a reliable source for the non-Iranian readers who try to find out and analyze the country's internal developments. The Tehran Times can be regarded as the reflection of fundamental principles of the Islamic Republic in different fields. 

Accordingly, we try hard to enrich the Tehran Times’ contents which ultimately will explain the noble values of the Islamic Revolution. We are resolved to deepen the paper's content according to the strategies and guidelines proposed by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei. We promise to take serious stride to materialize our objectives in this regard.      

We try to reach our readers via utilizing modern media tools, including a serious endeavor to use the capacities of social networks. Among our plans is to highlight developments and unique views pertaining to the causes of the axis of resistance through emphasizing and clarifying the principles of the Islamic establishment. 

In the meantime, we are determined to continue our rational and illustrative approach against anti-Revolution media that have been trying to tarnish the image of the Islamic Republic. 

This will certainly enable the Tehran Times to follow the path defined by Ayatollah Beheshti. 

We will certainly implement the proposed plan with cooperation and endeavor of our hardworking staff in the Tehran Times editorial board. We are all together in advancing the goal.    


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