Charities release 8,599 inmates of unintentional crimes

May 9, 2020 - 17:51

TEHRAN – Some 8,599 inmates of unintentional crimes were released from prison with the help of charities last year (ended March 20), IRNA reported on Saturday.

According to the Blood Money Organization, 330 of the released prisoners were women and the rest were men who had been arrested in most cases for issuing checks or bail through the papers.

The whole debt of 8,599 released prisoners amounted to 18 trillion rials (nearly $428 million at the official rate of 42,000 rials), 44 percent of which was waived by the plaintiffs.

Among the convicts, 451 were in prison due to their inability to pay their debts related to blood money and 8,148 due to their inability to pay their financial debts related to checks, dowries, and alimony.

Also, 1,249 prisoners released without payment and only with the efforts of the provincial agencies, through peace and reconciliation.

In the provincial list, the blood money organization of Tehran, with the release of 801 prisoners, had the highest number of freedoms.

Besides, Isfahan and Khorasan Razavi, with the release of 756 and 551 prisoners, respectively, played a greater role in the release of involuntary crime doers after Tehran.


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