Mausoleum of Shaikh Kharaqani to undergo restoration, landscaping

May 10, 2020 - 20:44

TEHRAN – A new round of restoration and landscaping projects will begin on the mausoleum of Shaikh Abu al-Hassan al-Kharaqani (963-1033), a renowned Sufi master whose students include the likes of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari (1006–1088).

“At this stage, measures such as studying the soil mechanics, repairing the flooring of the area, and re-carpeting the damaged floorings, etc. will be done based on the available credit,” Semnan province’s tourism chief Mehdi Jamal announced on Sunday, CHTN reported.

His mausoleum is located 24 kilometers outside of Shahroud inside a garden. The original mausoleum was a simple brick structure that was replaced by a new one in 1974.

There was once a mosque attached to the mausoleum of Sheikh Abu al-Hassan which had a conical dome with elaborate tilework. Only the Mihrab (prayer niche) of the mosque stands today. This Mihrab has beautiful stucco reliefs and a stucco inscription. Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran, another mosque was built around this Mihrab.

Today, the mausoleum includes a library, which houses reference books on mysticism, and rooms where pilgrims can stay.


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