Persian novel reveals Mossad’s top-secret meeting 

May 26, 2020 - 19:1

TEHRAN – A Persian novel that has recently been published in Tehran discloses a large meeting of Mossad, an Israeli intelligence community, and high-ranking Jewish officials from across the world after the creation of the Zionist regime in 1948.

“Top-Secret File 2040” written by Mohammad Qanbari has been published by Shahid Kazemi Publications in Tehran.

The book tells a story about Israel’s crimes against humanity, the publisher has said and added that it gives the readers a real insight into the Zionist regime’s role in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, bioterrorist battles and kidnapping famous revolutionary figures.  

The writer has used real historical documents to narrate his story so that most of the characters have their real names.

“The central office of the Mossad chief was in tumult. All influential people of Jewish origin and Zionist figures, Mossad top agents and high-ranking Jewish officials have been called on to attend a large top-secret meeting. Personalities along with their families have been invited to the Jerusalem meeting: Invitation to a large meeting after 1948 when Israel was officially recognized at the United Nations,” Qanbari wrote in an introduction to the book.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian novel “Top-Secret File 2040” by Mohammad Qanbari. 


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