Mehregan Theater to host reading performance of “The Bride’s Room”

July 7, 2020 - 18:33

TEHRAN – A reading of Russian writer Valentin Krasnogorov’s comic play “The Bride’s Room” will be performed at Tehran’s Mehregan Theater on July 11.

Mohammad Qanbari is the director of the play, which will star Elaheh Shahparast, Elaheh Zahmati, Leila Mirzai, Vesal Amini and several other actors. 

Women aged between 15 and 70 are the characters of the unusual play “The Bride’s Room”. The bride, her mother, sister and girlfriends, as well as other women — relatives of the bridegroom — are gathering in the bride’s room of a palace for marriage registration, as is customary in Russia. But nobody knows where the bridegroom is. Pending his arrival, the events of this play develop.

There have been hundreds of performances of the play in Russian theaters. 

Krasnogorov is one of the best known modern Russian dramatists. His first play, “An Ideal Man”, was written in 1976. His plays, “The Dog”, “Small Tragedies”, “The Delights of Adultery”, “Somebody Must Leave”, “Now or Never”, “Love Medicine”, “Several Hours From the Life of a Man and a Woman”, “That Weak Gentle Sex”, “A Cruel Lesson” and several others have been performed in more than 400 theaters of various countries.

Photo: A poster for a reading performance of Russian writer Valentin Krasnogorov’s comic play “The Bride’s Room” in Tehran.


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