Iran provides laboratory services to neighboring countries

July 19, 2020 - 17:25

TEHRAN – Iran provides laboratory services to the neighboring countries as a significant number of researchers in those countries is a good platform for expanding the export of laboratory services.

Reza Asadi-Fard, director of the laboratory network at the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, pointed out that the quality of the country's laboratory services has increased, stressing the need to provide these services to other countries, IRNA reported.

One of the best ways to introduce the country's laboratory services to global markets is to facilitate the export, he noted, adding, certainly the services have an acceptable capacity to be exported to other countries.

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has been providing the technology and innovation for several years to applicants in various fields such as engineering, materials and metallurgy, electricity and electronics, chemistry, aerospace, mining; and also services in the fields of environment, agriculture and medicinal plants, biotechnology, and medicine, he explained.

One of the plans the Vice Presidency this year is to supply products in these fields to international markets, he concluded.


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