‘It is unacceptable to help tighten U.S. cruel sanctions’

China has provided Iran with most coronavirus aid, ambassador says

July 19, 2020 - 19:34

TEHRAN - Iranian Ambassador to Beijing Mohammad Keshavarzadeh has said that China has provided Iran with the most coronavirus aid, noting that in such a situation it is unacceptable to help tighten United States’ cruel sanctions on Iran.

The ambassador also criticized those at home and abroad who are trying to dishearten Iranian citizens about the yet-to-be finalized agreement between Iran and China.

“In this critical situation in which health workers are making efforts to defeat corona, we all are duty bound to reduce the people’s suffering and pain. It is unacceptable to help tighten the United States’ cruel sanctions under any pretext. So far, most of the foreign help to Iran has been from China. Do not cause disappointment by unfounded lies,” the ambassador tweeted.

In an interview with IRNA published on July 11, Keshavarzadeh said that the hype created against the long-term partnership agreement between Iran and China is “farcical”.

He said that the commotion is guided by certain TV channels based in the West and countries which do not want a growing of Iran’s relations with other countries.

“Countries like the United States which has imposed cruel sanctions on us and has even blocked our money in other countries such as Japan and South Korea and prevent us from using it to purchase medicine and food are making claims which are farcical,” the ambassador stated.

He added, “Claims about leasing some islands to the Chinese or deploying Chinese military forces in Iran are farcical and negative propaganda.”

The diplomat also noted that the U.S. has made every efforts to isolate Iran and cripple its economy and obviously opposes partnership agreement with China.

Elsewhere, he said that the cooperation plan is a “roadmap” to expand ties and cooperation.

“The roadmap we prepare for relations with China is a lamp which shows the path. Within the framework of this agreement, we will not just import commodities; development of the country’s infrastructure in land, air and space areas is included in the 25-year plan,” Iran’s top diplomat to Beijing stated.

Ambassador added, “All details of the plan have been studied by experts in various ministries and the Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament). It will not be accepted if any part of it runs contrary to the country’s interests.”

He also said that China has a growing economy and all countries are interested in expanding relations with China.


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