Resistance festival receives over 370 submissions to “Health Defenders” category

August 4, 2020 - 18:14

TEHRAN – The Resistance International Film Festival has so far received 372 submissions from around the world to “Health Defenders”, the organizers announced on Tuesday.

The festival initiated the category in collaboration with the Health Ministry in honor of the medical workers on the front lines of the campaign against COVID-19.

Films focusing on the endeavors health workers have made during the pandemic will be competing in this section.   

Most of the submissions are from filmmakers from the U.S., Brazil and Spain.

An exhibition of photos and posters on the medical workers will be also organized on the sidelines of the festival, which will take place in Tehran from September 21 to 27.

Earlier last week, the organizers announced that the festival has been warmly welcomed internationally as they have received over 1200 submissions from filmmakers from around the world.

They said that they have received 1260 submissions from filmmakers in Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

With 460 films, Asian filmmakers have sent the most submissions. With 248 films, Indian filmmakers are on the top of the list.

The festival has also received 325 films from European filmmakers. Most of the movies are from Spanish directors who have sent 30 submissions to the event.

Cinema Organization of Iran director Hossein Entezami has asked the organizers to put their focus on plans for promoting the culture of resistance in the region.

“Iran is the motherland of resistance, and the Resistance festival can and must be the promoter of the culture of resistance in the region,” he said.
“This festival should play a key role in developing and naturalizing the culture of resistance, and also provide patterns for producing films in the future,” he added.

The organizers also plan to honor innovative filmmakers with the Rasul Award named after the Iranian war film director, Rasul Mollaqolipur.

Photo: A poster published by the Resistance International Film Festival announces that over 370 films have been submitted to “Health Defenders”, a section dedicated to movies on health workers. 


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