UNSC is facing a big test, Iran says

August 10, 2020 - 18:58

TEHRAN - Presidential chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Monday that the United Nations Security Council is facing “a big test” to show its independence in countering violation of the 2231 resolution.

“The members of the Security Council are facing a big test to show their independence and response to the United States’ pressure to impose its will against Iran and violate the 2231 resolution and collapse the JCPOA [the 2015 nuclear deal],” Vaezi tweeted.

The United States has stepped up calls for an extension of UN arms embargo on Iran since April. 

For a second time the U.S. is submitting its draft resolution to the UN Security Council for a vote on extending arms embargo on Iran. The council is set to vote on the draft resolution on Tuesday.

The ban on arms deals with Iran is set to expire in October under terms of the 2015 agreement, which President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of it in 2018. The U.S. is seeking a permanent arms embargo against Iran.

Several diplomats say that France, Germany, the UK, Russia and China are trying to negotiate a solution that might prevent the U.S. from taking such a step.

On June 30, the U.S. was rebuked at the UN Security Council meeting, including by the five European countries on the council. 

Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia slammed the U.S. for pursuing a “maximum suffocation” foreign policy against Iran, saying Washington’s goal was to “achieve regime change or create a situation where Iran literally wouldn’t be able to breathe”.

“This is like putting a knee to one’s neck,” said Nebenzia, in a veiled reference to the death of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis after a white police officer knelt on his neck. 

China also voiced opposition to the anti-Iran move, urging Washington “to stop its illegal unilateral sanctions” on Iran.

In a statement to the UN Security Council, Zhang Jun, China’s permanent UN representative, said the root cause of the current crisis is the U.S withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and the reimposition of unilateral sanctions against Iran, Xinhua reported.

“This has again undermined the joint efforts to preserve the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action],” Zhang said, referring to U.S. efforts to extend the arms embargo.

“We urge the U.S. to stop its illegal unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction, and return to the right track of observing the JCPOA and Resolution 2231 [of the UNSC],” he said.

Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs Mohsen Baharvand warned in July that the U.S. efforts to extend the UN arms embargo on Iran would spell the end of the nuclear deal.

In a tweet on May 3, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani wrote: “#JCPOA will die forever by circumventing 2231 Resolution & continuing # Iran’s illegal weapons sanctions. Sanctions’ virus is the U.S. tool for survival of its declining hegemony. What will #EU do: Save dignity & support multilateralism or Accept humiliation & help unilateralism?”



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